Clipping Path Service

clipping path

The clipping path service accommodates most of the other services, as it is the first step to almost all of the other photo editing services. As clipping paths allow you to segregate parts of the images from the whole, you can edit a selected path over an image without having to worry about disrupting other areas of the image.


The clipping path service is primarily used by e-commerce sites, as once a product or products components have been pathed. They can edit the images to their desire. Other uses of the clipping path service also include, removing the background of an image or prepping an image for other editing services.


The cost of the service depends on the type of clipping path required and the amount of time each image would take.

There are primarily 3 categories, which are ;

Simple Clipping paths: simple clipping path is a basic solid object which has no holes or has a singles closed path with basic curved and no embedded holes in the image.

Complex Clipping paths: A compound clipping path has multiple clipping paths, its takes longer than a simple clipping paths and is a fairly more difficult task then a simple clipping path as it takes more time and has more objects or gaps that need to be pathed.

Super complex clipping paths : A super complex clipping paths has many objects and many holes, meaning that it takes the most time and effort. Usually an image with multiple products or objects fall into this category.

As each task is dependent on the complexity of the image we do not provide a direct price list, until we have reviewed samples of the images for a quote.





All clipping path services are hand drawn by professional photo editor’s without any help from any type of automated software’s or applications, to prove this we provide image .psd files if required by the client.

Clipping paths are done via the pen tool in adobe Photoshop. With the pen tool we select the parts of the images as instructed and ensure that it is as accurate as possible.

Let us know what do you need and we will give you free test sample at best price.