Color Correction


All though it may seem the most humble and simple of all the Photoshop editing services. The color correction process is very much underestimated and undervalued. Color correction is one of the most technical services offered in Photoshop, with adjusting ratios, brightness, contrasts, exposure and saturation. It is easily the most technical process.

The first thing to understand is that all colors have a value or number R:255 being pure red, B:255 is pure blue and G:255 is pure green , thus we have RGB. A photo or image must maintain a very fine ratio of RGB to get the correct color balance required in an image. Unlike CMYK which is used for color correction on the skin RGB is only used to solid objects.

All hues have a normal value; the lightness or darkness of that hue as it appears in the spectrum. Yellow, for example, is a light-valued color while violet is a dark-valued color. As a result, there will be an uneven range of light or dark values for each hue.

Brightness adjustment change the values of all hues in an image so as to brighten or darken an image. for example an image in broad daylight is said to have a high brightness, whereas an image taken in a room will have a low brightness, brightness merely accounts for the presence of light in an image.

Not to be confused with the contrast of an image, although at first glance may seem to be similar, are completely different things. The contrast of an image accounts for the difference between light and dark, for example if you were to increase the contrast on a B&W image you would get B&W shapes and if you were to reduce the contrast you would get more detail, or the “shades of grey”.

also on a similar note is the exposure effect which scales all levels by a constant multiplying factor. For instance to push exposure +1EV means doubling all levels in the linear domain (a different factor in the gamma domain).

As you can see color correction has a wide variety of techniques and tools. so unless you are very aware of what you want to do with your image color correction should be left to professionals, so in future you will be wise to remember that color correction is not as easy as it may seem. It is in short, rather quite difficult. If you need color correction service just send free trial now.

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