Neck Joint services for Retail shop

In this blog, I am going to show some special tips for the Neck Joint Service to look more professional.

1.Firstly I want to give you clear information about the Neck Joint Service.

Neck Joint services are one of most popular technique to preserve the product quality in front of the customers of the Brand or Retail shop. This technique has developed by one the most popular graphics development software named Photoshop.

2.Secondly, I want to share some important information why we should use the technique.

Before developing the Photoshop smart technique, photographers took photos from the client and by using only their camera and after that, the photos are directly ready to go through the online seller website. I think that was not a perfect solution for producing better quality photos. Every customer wants to see the product photo on the online shop look like the original.

It’s really great development from Photoshop that we can produce better quality and virtually original photo.  Neck Joint Service is one of the front view solutions for the picture editor. When the photographer shoots the clothing photo with dame which like as a model there is no way to show a closer view of the inter-product. Neck Joint service is one of the best solutions to show the inter-product view by cutting and putting the inner part from the other picture.

I am trying to show an example who looks like it is,

Neck Joint service

Neck Joint service


3.Finally, I want to disclose the tips. Check the picture where you can get the idea about the Neck Joint service which we had done our self. Primary thought was that we have to maintain the quality and also should show the inner part of the product in front of the customer. Part one is very important to dismember the main picture from the background( It’s called transparent layer with only the main product). For that, we should use manual clipping path service for selecting the object from the background. Later that main focus this the cutting part which has already out from the product and the part we should joint from another picture.

From another picture cutting portion should be the same as the main picture where we should use it as called  Neck Joint. When you passed the cutting part into the main product you can see the layer will show as an upper layer between the main product and cutting part. So just you should down the cutting layer then you see can the main picture looking like an original product.

For the better quality, you can use liquefy, Erases tool and other related tools.


I’ll discuss more the advance Neck joint Service and also more complicated Neck Joint services in my next blog.

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