Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint


Ghost mannequin refers to the use of clothing images where the garments appear as though it’s being worn but the dummy is not actually visible.
Ghost mannequin services are usually used by catalog sites and eCommerce based websites which have a large amount of clothing products. The idea of the ghost mannequin is that viewers and customers will be able to see how their products would appear whilst being worn and still be able to see the inside of the tag, This helps viewers make a decision when buying online clothing products.

Neck Joint

The ghost mannequin effect is achieved by taking 2 separate images of a single clothing product, One whilst the cloth is being worn by a model and another without the model. Then the two separate images are stitched together so the model is cut and you can see the tag behind the collar, hence the name ghost mannequin.
To check if a ghost mannequin has been done properly, check the joint of the neck for any imperfections as well as the stitching on the shoulders, the joints should be smooth and the stitches should be perfectly aligned.

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