Image Masking Service




Photo Masking is probably the trickiest technique in Photoshop. As there are many different ways that image masking could be done and similarly clipping mask has multiple uses. One of its many uses is background removal.

Masking is the process that tells Photoshop where to print or where not to print. Any objects that fall within a mask is normally unaffected by any changes made to the image surrounding it. So it basically isolates selected parts of the image out so you can work on or remove the background with complete accuracy. A mask is created by selecting a path around the objects or objects, then creating a vector mask on the layer. This is known as clipping mask.

Another use for masking is to merge multiple layers, so that only certain parts of each layer shows when the image is merged, this can be used for background change and object removal. This is done by adding multiple layers above the base layer so that any masks on the above layers become visible on the base layer, but not in reverse. Masking is also used to hair, fur and other tricky objects that have lots of gaps. But we often find that some images have too many gaps for it to be done manually via the pen tool, for example trees, It’s very hard to separate a tree and its leaves from a background. In cases like these we prefer to use the alpha channel mask.

Alpha channel mask is most suitable for noisy backgrounds where there is a lot going on. Unlike clipping masks and layers masks, where the mask is done on the image itself. Alpha channels masks create a mask in a new color channel within the image rather than on the image, once a new channel is created we can highlight the area around our object and fill it with solid color, so that it is masked from the other channels. After this we can proceed to editing the image without having to worry about that area of the image, as we know it is protected by the channel.

Image masking has endless uses. It is used in nearly all Photoshop services, starting with image manipulation to color correction, photo retouching, restoration and background remove. Some masks are easy others are hard, but in all types of masking be it Clipping mask, Layer mask or Alpha channels, the principle remains the same. The idea of all types of masking is that one part of the image is protected, whilst another part of the image is being changed.

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